The majority of suppliers can lock in the new rates 12 months ahead of the current contract end date, but some can only lock them in within 6 months of the end date. Some businesses arrange their new energy contracts a year in advance and others leave it until the last minute. There are advantages and disadvantages to any approach but the key consideration should always be the position of the wholesale energy market; if it’s favourable, that is the time to act.

Yes, there are now a number of providers that make it possible for businesses to be supplied with green energy. It is a big help to the environment and this option is only slightly more expensive than the suppliers normal tariffs.

If you switch with us, you don’t need to tell your energy provider that you’re switching suppliers because we will serve the termination notice to them. Once you have provided us with your Letter of authority (LOA), we will act on your behalf and take care of the details for you.

The switching process usually takes 3-4 weeks. The process could take longer or be brought to a halt if there are problems. These problems include: incorrect information on the national database for your meter, having a debt with the current supplier or already being locked into a fixed term contract with the current supplier. In most cases your switch to the new supplier will go live the day after your current contract ends.