What is a Voltage Optimiser?

Save up to 19% on your electricity bills with an intelligent Voltage Optimiser


  • Typical ROI of 25-50%
  • 2–4-year payback
  • Equipment lasts longer.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Remote monitoring
  • European harmonisation means our equipment works efficiently at around 220v. Supplying over this voltage is wasting energy.
  • UK electricity can be supplied at up to 253v, so you are currently paying for wasted energy.
  • By ‘Optimising’ the voltage supply to your electrical equipment you make instant savings on your bills up to 19%.
  • Using your most recent electricity bill we can give you an approximation of how much money you will save by installing an intelligent UK manufactured Voltage Optimiser.

Typical businesses who would benefit from Voltage Optimisation

  • Hotels, restaurants, and pubs
  • Manufacturing and engineering
  • Hospitals, vets, medical and care homes
  • Warehouse and storage units
  • Offices, retail outlets and shopping centres
  • Gyms, pools, and leisure centres
  • Community centres and clubhouses
  • Customers include National Trust, Holiday Inn and Betfred.

Save between 8% and 20% on gas consumption with Gas Fuel Optimisers

  • Gas Fuel Optimisers are a proven way to reduce industrial and commercial fuel costs.
  • Gas Fuel Optimisers save money and reduces emissions by increasing the combustion efficiency of the fossil fuels (such as propane and natural gas) that power boilers, plant, equipment, engines, and water heaters.
  • More efficient combustion means the gas burns hotter and cleaner; this means your appliances don’t have to work as hard to provide heat, and when they don’t work as hard, they require less maintenance.
  • Pre-Designed system specific Clamps (Gas Fuel Optimisers) which are guaranteed to reduce energy consumption and improve efficiency by a minimum of 7.8% on even the most inefficient systems by continually reorganising the molecular structure of the fuel in the immediate supply fuel pipework.
  • Average results achieved are around 13.1% improvement, this improvement can be over 20% in some installations.
  • Non-invasive installation, no system break ins or disruption to any supply services. Safe and straightforward installation.
  • 10 Year Guarantee on all installations.
  • A low cost, resilient solution.
  • ROI 1 – 3 years payback. Usually less than 18 months.
  • Customers include Aldi UK, Waitrose and partners, Bupa, Pfizer, Genzyme, US Air Force and The University of Sheffield.

Save 15% on the cost of running your chillers, heat pumps and fans with Maxwell Heat Transfer Fluid

The Problem

  • Energy requirements for colling applications are growing exponentially and demand for air conditioning is projected to triple by 2050.
  • Current hydronic cooling and heating systems use conventional fluids, such as water and glycol almost exclusively for heat transfer.
  • Improving thermal conductivity is key to increasing heat transfer and reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions.
  • Other energy conservation measures involve costly upgrades or disruptive system shutdowns.

The Solutions

  • Maxwell is a patented, innovative nanofluid additive for improving heat transfer that is manufactured in Italy.
  • Increases the efficiency of heat transfer throughout mechanical systems by more than 15%, lowering energy consumption and reducing carbon emissions and enhancing system operating capacities.
  • A typical payback in less than 2 years.
  • Can extend HVAC equipment useful life and reduce maintenance costs due to reduced compressor run times.
  • Maxwell is an additive to water or water/glycol thermal systems at only a 2% by volume concentration.
  • Maxwell is proven to be safe for installation, operation, removal, and disposal and with no negative impact on equipment or the environment.
  • This solution is applicable to any closed loop hydronic system (chillers, heat pumps, energy recovery units etc).
  • Delivers immediate results – does not require any special retrofitting of existing systems.


  • Heat Pumps
  • Chillers
  • Energy Recovery Systems
  • Pumps, fans, and terminal units

Typical businesses who would benefit from Maxwell Heat Transfer Fluid

  • Commercial buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Data centres
  • Manufacturing – process cooling
  • Food & Beverage – process cooling