The majority of suppliers can lock in the new rates 12 months ahead of the current contract end date, but some can only lock them in within 6 months of the end date. Some businesses arrange their new energy contracts a year in advance and others leave it until the last minute. There are advantages and disadvantages to any approach but the key consideration should always be the position of the wholesale energy market; if it’s favourable, that is the time to act.
Yes, there are now a number of providers that make it possible for businesses to be supplied with green energy. It is a big help to the environment and this option is only slightly more expensive than the suppliers normal tariffs.
If you switch with us, you don’t need to tell your energy provider that you’re switching suppliers because we will serve the termination notice to them. Once you have provided us with your Letter of authority (LOA), we will act on your behalf and take care of the details for you.
The switching process usually takes 3-4 weeks. The process could take longer or be brought to a halt if there are problems. These problems include: incorrect information on the national database for your meter, having a debt with the current supplier or already being locked into a fixed term contract with the current supplier. In most cases your switch to the new supplier will go live the day after your current contract ends.
Simply contact us and we can take care of the entire process for you. Provide us with a recent bill or a bit of essential information which would be found on a bill (supply address, usage and contract end date). One of our dedicated account managers will then present you with the best tariffs available and you can choose the one that suits your business. If you are happy to proceed we will then take care of all the arrangements, including serving termination to your current supplier.
A deemed contract is normally in place when a customer moves into new premises and starts to consume gas and electricity without agreeing a contract with the current supplier. It also applies where an existing contract comes to an end and you don’t agree to a new tariff. The rates in deemed contracts are always considerably higher per kWh than if you agree a contract. The daily standing charge would also be considerably higher than normal. BCH will always contact you in advance of your current contract end date to make sure that your business doesn’t roll over onto deemed rates.
Finding a cheaper rate is the best way to cut bills, but if you want to reduce energy consumption, you will need to make small changes to how you use energy around your business. There are many steps you can take to reduce your business’s energy consumption. The simplest thing you can do is replace any regular incandescent bulbs with LED which are a lot more efficient. Purchasing other energy-efficient equipment/appliances to replace less efficient ones will also help. Turn off lights and appliances when not in use (where appropriate), or at least at the end of the business day. Check if the building has enough insulation, and install more if needed. If you have an old boiler replace it with a modern condensing boiler. Program your thermostats and radiator TRV’s accordingly.
Finding the cheapest energy provider depends on a number of factors, including your location and how much consumption your business uses. The best way to find the cheapest energy deal for your business is to compare all suppliers. Our comparison portal gives us access to a huge range of tariffs from a number of suppliers — including the ‘big six’ and independent energy providers — so that you can choose the right deal for your business and your budget.
The energy market was once controlled by what’s commonly referred to as the ‘big six’ energy providers including British Gas, npower, Scottish Power, EDF, E-On and SSE. Today with the rise in new smaller independent providers, consumers now have more options to choose from. Here at BCH, we work with over 30 energy suppliers to give our customers access to the most comprehensive range of energy deals.
The bill doesn’t have to be the most recent one. If you have one dated within the past 12 months that would be very helpful. You can contact your energy provider for a copy of your bill, or if you have an online account log in to download a copy. If you’re unable to get hold of a bill we will still be able to give you an energy quote if you provide us with an estimate of your energy usage, or tell us a bit about your business and size of the building and we’ll take an educated guess.